How To Cook A Turkey


snoopy-thanksgivingFirst Time cooking a Holiday Turkey or looking for answer to cook a turkey faster, make it juicier, use a grill or deep fry your holiday turkey.... What's Up San Diego?  has the best 5 video's to help you out.

If you would like to roast your turkey in the oven; Using a cooking bag is the way to go. Video 1

How to Grill a turkey


If  cooking your turkey takes away time from you cooking other dishes in the oven, or you like to cook outside on a grill - check out Video 2 & 3

If cooking time is a factor, the fastest way to cook your turkey would be to deep fry your turkey. Video 4

The next option would be to use a turkey cannon, which can be used inside or out. Video 5

The Videos are below. Short and to the Point. ENJOY!     Whats Up San Diego?

If  this is your first attempt at cooking a turkey,  I would suggest you use a turkey oven bag.  Just follow the instructions and it works great every time.  Cooking with a oven bag makes the turkey cook faster, it will give you a juicier turkey,  with out the attention and basting of  roasting your turkey in the oven the traditional way.

Cooking turkey on a grill rather charcoal or gas, Just like in the oven, will give you a tender juicy turkey, as long as you follow the instructions and don't overcook it.  You can add flavor using wood to smoke your turkey adding a unique flavor to it.  Also cooking outside rather on the grill or deep frying, frees up the oven for other holiday treats to be cooked without the rush or the wait for the turkey to finish cooking in the oven.

The Fastest Way To Cook A Turkey, is to deep-fried it. Not only is deep frying your turkey fried-turkey-sl-1673166-lthe fastest way to cook a turkey, in my opinion it is also the best tasting turkey you will ever eat.  Moist and tender, with so many ways to flavor your turkey and with the touch of peanut oil, " which is recommended oil to fry turkey with", Deep-Fried Turkey can't be beat!

The Only draw back  to deep frying your turkey is that it can be messy and also dangerous.  So make sure to follow the instructions and precautions so as not to have a boil over or flare turkey

Second fastest way to Cook a Turkey, Is with a Turkey Cannon Infusion Roasterand

The Turkey Cannon works just as well indoors in your oven or outside on your grill,  it will give you a juicy  turkey and


Decrease cooking time and increase the flavor.

turk-can2 instructions

How To Cook a Turkey In a Oven Bag: Video 1

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How To Cook a Turkey On a Gas Grill: Video 2

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How To Cook a Turkey On a  charcoal Grill: Video3

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How To Deep Fry a Turkey: Video4

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How To Use A Turkey Cannon: Video 5

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If you still need more information for your turkey preparation as well as ways to cook your turkey out doors, go to the link below.

With the prospect of preparing a turkey for a gathering of family and friends. Here are 7 ways to cook that turkey outdoors....More at 7 Ways To Cook A Turkey Outdoors | Welcome To The Cookout

You might!   Just not feel like cooking a turkey because it looks hard -  It's Really Easy!  but we will give you away out.  What's Up San Diego?

How to Cook a TurkeyYou can buy a cooked turkey even a whole dinner from most of the major super markets. My daughter has done this in the past and the meal was good, plus the price was very reasonable. If you think you might want to do this, just make sure to get your order in early.

Happy Thanksgiving Mickey Mouse