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Where is this place?

The Four Points By Sheraton Hotel,

Serra Mesa.

One of San Diego's best kept secrets.

Four Points




Why is it the best?

What's Up San Diego?

This may not sound like much, but this is BIG!


The Four Points offers Free parking for your function.


And could possibly save you money when you host your next meeting, event, conference or wedding.

Consider this, "I'm about to show my age" we contacted several resorts and hotels, about hosting our 45th class reunion.

Each one had a parking fee that went something like this. $10-$15 a day, if our guess paid their self

or $3 - $7  if we, the reunion committee, paid for our guest parking... along with the rest of the services provided for us by the hotel or resort.

Glass RoomOur reunion is a three-day event with 150 to 200 attendees, if we paid for their parking at one of the other hotels or resorts, at a minimum, we would have to pay an additional $900;  If our guest paid the additional costs, this could be upwards of $45 for three days.

IMGP1697Our last event was held at a hotel on the San Diego harbor. It was an evening mixer with free food for the attendees, provided by the hotel, purchased by us.

And you know!... As nice as the event turned out, the one thing that always  comes up in conversation -  when we reminisce about this event, is the surprise everyone had, when they found out there was a $15 parking fee. So the event turned out not to be free at all and upset some people.

Myself and the rest of my reunion committee met MarinaTowerSunrise-1024x682with the event planning team at the Four Point By Sheraton hotel, late Oct.2013

We went over the amenities, of which they have every thing And the pricing, which was the best we had found for our event.

When they mentioned free parking, we were all over it. This along with everything else the Four Points offered us...we booked our event there for next year Sept. 2014.

Here's  the bottom line,  Everybody wants the best for less! In this day and age everyone is looking for ways to save money.

If you are planning on hosting a Meeting, Event, Conference or WeddingPatio


Make sure to include  the Four Points By Sheraton Hotel, Serra Mesa,  in your search for a place to host your event.

Remember, not only do they offer free parking along with anything else you might desire;  The Four Points offered us the best pricing for our event,  better then all the other hotels & resorts we checked out.

What's Up San Diego?