San Diego Hat Company

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The First Man Made Sun Screen

The Hat.

What's Up San Diego?

With so much sun year-round in San Diego, you would think you'd see more people wearing hats. One of the best protection against the damage the sun can cause, is a hat of your choice...Baseball, Cool, Cowboy, High Fashion  What Ever! it would be in your best interest to style a hat when you're in the sun. Hats San Diego

Before there were shopping malls everywhere in San Diego, Downtown had all of the major stores, boutiques and discount houses. This is were you came to shop.

Well. They're all gone now, but there is one left.

Hat Works

San Diego Hillcreast Hats Here's the best kept secret.

Hat Works was established in 1922 and the store has been on the same block of E Street in different buildings but within the same block forever.

You could walk by the store and never know it was there. Hat Works is a full service Hat store with a great selection of hats for all occasions for the whole family.

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Hats San Diego Downtown

Hat works

433 E Street San Diego CA 92101


What's Up San Diego?