San Diego’s Beaches & Parks Tips

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What's Up San Diego

The Good The Bad & The Ugly

Best Kept secrets about San Diego's beaches & Parks

One of the best things about San Diego is our beautiful beach and Park system. I'm not talking about the larger ones that everybody knows about, like Balboa Park or Mission Bay. We have community parks all over the city, some with recreation centers, some built with only a playground for the kids, benches and picnic areas to relax, others have lakes and beautiful walking trails.

San Diego BeachesWhat's The Ugly?

The ugly is the fact that you have to be very careful when having an event in one of the parks.  The city has made so many new rules that your event could be shut down or you might receive a ticket with a fine.  If you plan for 50 or more people you need a permit, you can not have a generator, balloons or inflatables in the large parks (Balboa, Presidio, Mission bay) , inflatables balloon jumps can be used with a permit in Mission Bay Park only. You need a permit for your music and alcohol and if you want to get married in one of the parks there is a minimum $50.00 charge no matter how many people there are, it could be just the couple and the preacher. To find out more about rules and permits go to. Event in the Park


The Bad

The Bad is, If you are going to one of the large parks or and any of the smaller ones, you need to arrive early in order to get a choice spot. The Early Bird gets the choice spot. During certain times of the year you can not expect your permit to hold your picked area. You will have to claim it first and if you do the police will honor your permit and ask any intruder to leave.  Arriving early will put you in front of  the traffic.  If you are going to one of the large parks the traffic and parking are always bad the later it gets in the day.Mission Beach San Diego

One thing about San Diego, no matter what time you get there, if you can find a parking spot then you can always find you an area to enjoy yourself.Mission Bay Park



The Good

It's all GOOD in the San Diego beaches and parks system. Mission Bay park is the largest man-made aquatic park in the country

We have so many parks and places to go outside and enjoy ourselves.  There are probably one or two parks in your neighborhood that you don't  even know exist. Within 5 miles of me there are 25 parks or more, some with recreation centers others with pools, walking trails and lakes.  To find parks close to you or to find the best parks to have a wedding, picnic, indoor event or host a classroom Go to:  Best Sites

Ocean Beach San Diego

Ocean Beach San Diego

Get out and enjoy yourself it's FREE! as long as you are not throwing a large event.

There is always something to do in San Diego.

Whats Up San Diego?

Let us know how many parks you find close to you.

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