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Shop Small Saturday

Swimming Pool Wars


There is a war going on against the small businesses in America;


Case in point! Large stores like Home Depot, Walmart,, Lowes  and Leslie Pools,  try to sell everything  they can to make their store a one-stop shop for everything. Acting as if they have the best prices and service -  This Is Not True,  and it is pushing small businesses out of business.

The local pool supply store is under attack!

Walmart, Swimming pool supplies are only sold seasonal. so if you purchase something you like, you better purchase it in quantity because it might not be there when you come back for more.

Home Depot, They keep pool supplies all year round, but it's the same old thing and there's never anyone around to help you with pool experience if you have a problem and you need to ask a question about something.

Lowes, Swimming Pool supplies, Just like Home Depot, they have a small swimming pool and spa section, also have limited help if any most of the time.

Leslie Pool & Spa Supplies, When I first got my swimming pool,  Leslie's was my go to store. They help me with everything I needed with great customer service. Then I found out there was a better price to be had elsewhere,  with the same, even better service.

Shop Small Saturday

Shop Small  Saturday, San Diego! Support - Our Swimming Pool Stores

There are four independent swimming pool supply stores that  I have had a great experiences with over the past 17 year... Let Me tell you about them!!

Pool  Depot, I was a Leslie Poole for ever customer  until my automatic pool cleaner broke, Leslie  Pool supply wanted $80 for the part, I purchased the same part  for $30 at Pool Depot.  I had a problem with my pool pump, Leslie wanted  to charge me to take a look at it,  Pool Depot  came over  and check it out  for free  that service!  619-741-3374    2372 Fletcher Pkwy. El cajon 92020


 Discount Pool Supply,INC.  a water supply fixture  connecting my heater to the rest of my pool equipment sprang a leak and I could not find the part anywhere. Well Discount Pools didn't have the part either,  but they tried to fix the one I had and it didn't work, then they recognize that this was a part use by most spas, suggested that I go to this spa specialty warehouse. You know what? They had IT !!

858-484-3100    4230 Balboa Ave. San Diego CA 92117



The Pool Store Lemon Grove,   I was introduced to the Pool Store Lemon Grove  by Scott the owner of the Pool Depot. this like the other three  pool stores are full-service; Offering, parts and supplies for swimming pools and spas as well as service, repairs and maintenance. This store is more central  to me, I love to go to The Pool Store,  Sandi the owner is so friendly and helpful it's worth the trip just to spend time with her. Sandi makes you feel at home in her store.

619-461-5530    3282 Main St. Lemon Grove 91945


Pool City,   Scott the owner of Pool Depot, also introduced me to Justin the owner of Pool City when I needed some concrete repairs to my swimming pool. Pool City Swimming pool Supply Store is full-service and also offers remodeling and structural repairs  to pools and spas. Over the years it's amazed me how these stores stick together and help each other, when they are actually in competition with  each other  for customers. It shows that helping each other and working together can benefit everyone involved.  619-520-4377    4250 Bonita Rd. Bonita CA 91902


 What's Up San Diego?

Here Is a secret and a Great reason to Shop Small

Get more chlorine for your money, at anyone of the Pool Supply stores Above


Use only Professional Grade Chlorine in Your Pool or Spa,

Works better, Last longer, at The same Price and sometimes Less Then The Big Boys

These Four companies above offer services that you just cannot get from the big stores the majority of time - You can really say - None of The Time.

What's Up San Diego?

Shop Small Saturday November 26

Then all the Time After That!!