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Tea is a ancient beverage that is loved by people around the world. Asian countries prefer green tea, while black tea is the brew of choice for people in the U.S, western Europe and India;  After water tea is the most popular beverage consumed in the world. Boy!  That's the way it is with me, I love  water and I drink a lot of it, but tea is my second choice... ah! " Maybe Beer"  but I can't drink beer all the time and the benefits of drinking tea out weigh those of drinking beer. I found The Tea Gallerie thru  Amazon Local and what got my attention was that they offered tea tasting in a relaxed IMGP2918 environment: This was new to me so I decided to try them out.

It’s plain and simple – tea tastes good and there is a lot of variety to taste. Whether hot or iced, tea refreshes and uplifts with its unique tastes and flavors. I drink several types of tea, Gun Powder Green Tea and Mate for energy, Rooibos and Matcha for the health benefits And Flowering green tea to relax..."I love to watch the flower bloom and release it's flavor" . I was very surprised to find out that the Tea Gallerie carries all of them and more, PLUS! the price is right.

As I set in the Tea Gallerie listening to some smooth music and sampling their Gun Powder Green Tea, it was very relaxing and enjoyable, nobody bothered me but the staff was there to answer any question I had .

What's Up san Diego? here is the secret! Speaking with the owner John, who told me that the Tea Gallerie is a tea retailer and wholesaler, they source all the world's finest teas and when you are drinking tea out and about in San Diego, there is a good chance the tea came from the Tea Gallerie; This could explain the nice pricing they offer in the store - can you say wholesale to the public?

Energy Drink: Let’s be honest people are spending a lot of money on energy drinks now a days. – lots of people like teaIMGP2921 because it’s a good alternative to coffee and provides them with a caffeine boost. Waking up or making it through a long afternoon at work can be difficult. A hot or cold cup of tea provides a nice pick-me-up and makes it easier to get through the day. Drinking tea can save you a lot of money, if you drink any of the main energy drinks used today. "Try the Gun Powder Green Tea or the Mate"

If you are part of an organization, school or church dealing with kids and are looking for away to raise some money, try Teas4Kids offered by the Tea Gallerie; it's there line of all-natural, caffeine and sugar free teas. You can  visit Teas4Kids.com for more info! Or watch the video below.

If you are a tea drinker or would like to start enjoying the benefits of drinking tea, try a tea tasting at the Tea Gallerie, you can try something new, learn about new and different teas and in most cases save you some money.

What's Up san Diego?

Here are 10 good reason to start your journey into the world of tea

Top 10 health benefits of drinking tea "link"http://www.today.com/health/top-10-health-benefits-drinking-tea-2D12052713

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