Where To Sell Gold In San Diego

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The Best Place To

Sell Gold In San Diego

If you need some extra cash! Sell gold. Sell scrap gold or sell gold jewelry, If you have some laying around the house it can mean money in your pocket.

What's Up San Diego?

Selling jewelry for cashWe were walking through the mall one day, as we passed a booth, a young man asked would we like to sell some gold - would we like to know the value of the earrings my wife had on?

The Price the young man quoted was more than what I had paid originally for the set; We didn't sell them but I was surprise by what he offered.

This got us thinking about selling gold.Scrap Gold San Diego

My wife tells my daughter about this adventure. My daughter tells her that her boyfriend sold some gold teeth for a lot of money!

This caused my daughter to look for her own gold. My daughter tells her mother, she sold the old gold she found for a lot more money then she thought it was worth.

all of this new information on the value of gold, sends my wife on a search for old gold in our house. She found a bag of earrings where she had lost one of the set but saved the other one, some rings with stones missing, a gift given to her by an employer that she never wore, silverware and other pieces of jewelry that we didn't know if they were real or not.

The Best Place To Sell Your Gold

Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers:

Because of his commercials we decided to go to Leo Hamel Fine Jeweler. It was a great choice, we entered through two security doors that seem like they were more to protect us then the store, we didn't stand at a counter like you see on one of our favorite TV shows, "Pawn Stars"...we were seated in a private office with a personal appraiser.

The gentleman took the time to look at different items we had questions about and appraise them for us (family heirlooms and some silverware). He then test and weighed a small bag of gold, I was surprised!... he offered us $450 for what seemed to me - a small amount of gold.

selling gold JewelryWe were offered $250 for a jewelry set that my wife never wore. She tried to negotiate price to $350, it didn't work but it was fun.

What's Up San Diego?

The Best Kept Secret Is;

At Leo Hamels you do not stand at a counter like on Pawn Stars.You are attendedto in a private office by a professional appraiser. the Old Town show room is beautiful and the appraisal offices are private and very comfortable.

If you have some old jewelry,  gold or silver around the house, you could be surprised like us,  for a small bag of jewelry we left with $700.

My wife can not wear costume jewelry: it irritates her skin. So for the 30 years we have been together, I have always purchase gold and silver jewelry for her on every occasion - even when I had to make up with her for being a bad boy.

So you can imagine, my wife accumulated a large amount of gold over the years. My wife came up with another bag of jewelry and said: She never wears any of it anymore and that she wanted to sell the bag of jewelry. She tells me that she had done some research and wanted to try another place to sell her gold.

GoldFellow (Cash For Gold)



Well it turns out that my wife found the Goldfellow website and it had a lot of information on it, including a calculator so that you could estimate the value of your gold.

The Goldfollows store was new and comfortable, although you are not in a private setting with your appraiser, the young lady who helped us was very professional.

Once again we were offered a lot of money for a small amount of gold. We used the calculator and received more than the estimated value; Probably because we had a mixture of 14 K and 18K gold and we had no way of determining this at home.

Goodfollow also gave us a coupon for an extra $50 because our gold was value at $500... Plus! another coupon for an extra $10 to use if we ever come back.

What's Up San Diego?

The Best Kept secret Is!

A lot of people say that Goldfollow will give you the best price for your gold. They  give a way coupons that can put even more money into your pocket and you can get a free written estimate of the value of your gold.

This is a great time to sell gold or silver.

If you are planning on selling some of your gold or silver, make sure you give yourself enough time to get it appraised by a couple of different companies that buy gold. This way you are ensuring that you get the best price.

KUSI Gold Buyer Report

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